Buena Onda

Checked out Jose Garces’ new joint up by the Art Museum. Buena Onda is a little confused about whether is’s fast-casual or a little bit more. Dinner for 2 adults and 2 kids clocked in at $60++. Granted the adults did have a margarita each, but that’s still pricey for food that you order at a register and wait for at your table with a number.

But let’s get to the actual goods:

IMG_0842I’m a fan of the “pizza plate” nacho style. Spread out the chips, you’re not getting a lot of wasted chip space. Garces loves his radishes, but the real star of this one are the nopales. Those are what look like green peppers, but are actually part of the cactus. I’m pretty sure that they come from the paddle looking ones.

Anyway, really good nachos. Better than the tacos. $9

4.55 pickled jalapeños – Eat these and then go next door to Pizzeria Vetri for a rotolo

Buena Onda
1901 Callowhill Street
(215) 302-3530


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