Guest Post – El Vez

Our first guest post is bound to generate a lot of controversy. While I have eaten El Vez’s nachos many, many times, they are due for an official visit. Guest Reviewer DK beat me to the punch with this scalding take. The following guest review does not represent the official opinion of Nachojawn:


Nacho YAWN

The Nachos Mama at El Vez were uneventful.  The boring (and too thick) pieces of chips were served on a pizza tray.  If this was intended to be a nod to the “cantina experience’, it was lost on me.  That I was reminded of matzo while eating nachos speaks volumes.  The toppings were standard fare – I’ve done better with bagged chips, jarred salsa, and pre-shredded cheese from the supermarket.

For a completely different perspective, my husband thought they were delicious.  Neither of us were wow’ed by the shrimp tacos.

The highlight of the meal was a superbly concocted glass of limeade.  I guess they had nowhere to go but down.

2.5 out out 5 pickled jalapenos

El Vez
121 S. 13th St.

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