Guest Post – El Rey

Hey NachoJawn readers. This is El Loco Dentista bringing the heat with a guest nacho review.


The nachos in question are El Rey’s. El Rey only offers one type of Nachos on the menu, but when your Nachos are this spot on, there’s no need for other options.

Anyway, they line a round, metal pizza tray with one, and in some places, two layers of homemade tortilla chips. On top of the excellent chips, they add chihuahua cheese, black beans, pickled jalapeños and chorizo. Lots of chorizo. I mean, if you want chorizo on each and every one of your cheese laden chips, you can do it. The plate gets topped with a refreshingly spiced habanero mint salsa and some sour cream and then is baked to melted cheesy perfection.

These are some great nachos. With the copious toppings evenly distributed on the chips, it makes for an excellent eating experience.

4.8/5 Pickled Jalapeños. Do it.


Guest Review – Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace, Madison WI

Friend of Nachojawn, El Profesor Feliz drops this guest review on us

2015-08-14 17.30.15

Returned to Madison’s Taco Palace this past weekend to enjoy their veggie nacho plate and happy hour margaritas ($3). Initially attempted to order these nachos several weeks ago but was thwarted by our robust looking and well intentioned waiter who advised against nachos plus two entrees. I think it was good advice.

These were enjoyed post moving day and still did the trick for two. Nice layering of two kinds of cheese sauce, heavy olives, roasted corn, and the usual (jalapeno slices, shredded lettuce, diced tomato). Chips stayed crispy. Madison is known for cheese, and I’d prefer some finer cheeses shredded and melted to their liquid cheese sauce. Nothing crazy, but I’d still recommend a visit the next time you’re in town.

2015-08-14 16.38.56

Also, the selection of hot sauces was noteworthy, in particular, a local spicy Bourbonaro sweet potato hot sauce from Dashelito’s ( Gives Bourbonaro 4.5 out of 5 Hearts (Nearly flawless, highly recommended, must buy) “

Guest Review – Bainbridge Street Barrel House

Nachojawn is happy to give a platform to anyone who appreciates nachos. With that said, here is the debut review from Señor Nacho y El Jefe de Nachos:

After a long day of moving, food was a must. Luckily for us, our new neighborhood has better food options and room for activities (and Nachojawn reviews)! Our first target was our closest beer serving neighbor, Bainbridge Street Barrel House. (Side note: go try the bacon beer—the best and worst beer of all time.) Because Little Miss Nachojawn wouldn’t let us live it down, we were obligated to get the Burachos Nachos with grilled chicken for much needed protein.


The dish was perfectly portioned as a starter, not too heavy and left plenty of room for the rest of our meals. However, there was too much sour cream (said no one before my co-author) and not enough melted cheddar cheese. In fact, we didn’t even realize that there was any melted cheddar cheese until we got through some of the sour cream and could see it sitting at the bottom of the plate.

Drum roll … good ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ nachos, but the Barrel House will be reserved for my beer and quizzo.

3.55/5 pickled jalapeños

Señor Nacho y El Jefe de Nachos

Bainbridge Street Barrel House
625–27 S. 6th Street

Guest Post – El Vez

Our first guest post is bound to generate a lot of controversy. While I have eaten El Vez’s nachos many, many times, they are due for an official visit. Guest Reviewer DK beat me to the punch with this scalding take. The following guest review does not represent the official opinion of Nachojawn:


Nacho YAWN

The Nachos Mama at El Vez were uneventful.  The boring (and too thick) pieces of chips were served on a pizza tray.  If this was intended to be a nod to the “cantina experience’, it was lost on me.  That I was reminded of matzo while eating nachos speaks volumes.  The toppings were standard fare – I’ve done better with bagged chips, jarred salsa, and pre-shredded cheese from the supermarket.

For a completely different perspective, my husband thought they were delicious.  Neither of us were wow’ed by the shrimp tacos.

The highlight of the meal was a superbly concocted glass of limeade.  I guess they had nowhere to go but down.

2.5 out out 5 pickled jalapenos

El Vez
121 S. 13th St.

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