Cornell Reunion Nachos

There’s a diploma from Cornell University hanging up in Nachojawn HQ, and Mr. and Mrs. Nachojawn headed up the other weekend for Cornell Reunion. We had booked a place describing itself as a “Rustic Bohemian Treehouse” located on Lake Cayuga for us and two other couples.


And after a leisurely afternoon on the Finger Lakes Wine Trail, we fired up the toaster oven to make some nachos from Wegman’s purchased ingredients. Here’s the result:


Blue corn chips, Tostitos salsa, colby jack cheese, sour cream, black beans and fresh avocado on top. I kept my nose out of the ingredient purchasing, but it is a decent lineup, save for the salsa. If you’re foregoing the meat, you gotta get a little more interesting with your flavor profile.

The toaster oven did a good job heating up the nachos, the avocado was perfectly ripe, and I don’t think there was a leftover chip on the two trays.

Dr. M’s Vegetarian Nachos – 3.97/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these with your buddies on Lake Cayuga


3 thoughts on “Cornell Reunion Nachos

    • Doctor – thank you for taking the review in the spirit in which it was written. I would have been interested in seeing how the Hillcrest broiler nachos would have fared.


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