El Rey

Are these nachos as good as El Dentista Loco promised?


During the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia, the Nachojawn family decided to get out and see what all the commotion was about. After a quick spin through the abandoned city streets, we decided on some brunch nachos at El Rey.

These are some dope nachos. I am coming around to the large pizza tray preparation method. Loaded with chorizo, these calso have chihuahua cheese, black beans, pickled jalapeño, and habanero–mint salsa.

What El Dentista Loco might lack in charm, he makes up for in nacho rating ability. I can’t fault his review that heaped praise on these nachos like the chefs heaped chorizo on the chips.


4.70/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these before a papal mass.

Nachos  – $11

El Rey
2013 Chestnut Street


Gift Ideas for the Nacho Lover

You must know someone who needs more nacho-themed apparel or art in their life. Maybe it’s time that you treat yourself. In any event, it’s time for the first annual Nacho Gift Guide.

For Kids


These homemade felt nachos are perfect for your kid’s play kitchen. Enough with the fake fruit salad.

For Her

Every woman loves jewelry. I’m going in two directions here.


First is just a straight up nacho necklace. What lady woudn’t want to just walk down the street with a plate of nachos dangling around her neck?

“Are you staring at my chest??”

“No ma’am, just the beautiful plate of nachos you have there.”


If that was too nacho forward, how about this Nacho Bitch necklace? This is going to be hotter than the iPhone this year.

For Him

No one will dispute that he’s your man walking down the street in this Nacho Man Randy Savage Shirt


At $48.94 each, you’ll want to get one for the whole family.

For the family

No home theater is complete without one of these


This two-tier chip warmer, affordably priced at $2217.05 completes any space.

Happy holidays!

Rosario’s Pizzeria

I had heard that there were several South Philly taquerias that had to disguise themselves as pizzerias for some reason.


Los Gallos

The last time the Nachojawn family tried to eat at Los Gallos, it was Mother’s Day. Los Gallos was packed and I think Mrs. Nachojawn ended up eating a yogurt from Wawa while watching Nachojawn Jr.’s Little League game. Not my finest hour.


Deep in the heart of South Philly, Mrs. Nachojawn and I had an early weekday lunch here, and ordered up the Nachos Texanos con bistec.


Those are some big peppers! The avocado and peppers didn’t get cooked with the rest of the dish, making that first bite a little weird – kind of when you’re expecting hot soup and it’s not. Cook those peppers Los Gallos! And while Mrs. Nachojawn likes the lechuga, I think it’s a waste and sullies up a plate of nachos. Good use of refritos though.


Los Gallos has been on my nacho wish list for a while, and these were pretty good, but maybe my expectations were too high. They were good, but nowhere close to in the running for the coveted Nachojawn title belt.

3.96/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these and go get a doughnut at Frangelli’s Bakery.

Nachos Texanos – $9.99
951 Wolf Street

Live in the Phillipines? Free Nachos Today!

If you’re reading this today, October 1st, and live in Manila, Philippines, you can get free nachos today!


Two variants from its four-flavor nacho menu will be made available later: La Bimbeef, which is Kris Aquino’s special pulled beef recipe, and LuchaChix, which features char-grilled chicken on top of the corn tortillas.

Completing the nacho menu are Señorita Salsa, which has the pico de galla and salsa, and the Killer Queso, which has cheese over the corn tortilla chips.

12th Street Cantina

Nachojawn’s office is close to the Reading Terminal Market, so I’m in there at least a couple of times a week for lunch. The fact that I haven’t reviewed these nachos yet should be an indication of where the review is going.


Now, the only thing that was interesting about these guys was the option to get chicken mole as a topping. I’m a sucker for mole, which comes in a million different variations. The most popular is mole poblano, which has about 20 different ingredients, including chili peppers and chocolate, and which I could never ever make myself. This is the poor man’s version of that.

Aside from the decent chicken, we have chips right out of the bag, pico de gallo, sour cream, cilantro, guacamole, pickled jalapeños and shredded cheese that I watched them microwave right in front of me. Hard pass on getting these again.

2.51/5 pickled jalapeños – Reading Terminal needs an authentic taqueria

12th Street Cantina
Reading Terminal Market
12th and Filbert Streets

Chicken Mole Nachos Supreme – $10.50


One of my favorite happy hours in Philadelphia is at Tequila’s. Mostly because it begins at 2 p.m. and serves up great margaritas. Also on the menu are these nachos, which FON’s Los Entrenadores Campeones joined the Nachojawns in enjoying one summer Wednesday:


Hot take: Don’t put sliced tomatoes on your nachos. No point in it.

Tequila’s was slammed – it was Center City Sips, but we were able to get a table and ordered everything off the happy hour menu – beef empanadas, chicken taquitos, guacamole, and these nachos.

Mrs. Nachojawn was especially impressed with the cheese – perfectly melted and it didn’t congeal at all. The beef was tender and the refried beans tasty and well-distributed. These are some good nachos – those tomatoes and raw onion slices just don’t work.

Nachos Obligadorios – $6 at happy hour!

4.22/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these when you get to kick off from work early with a minimum of 3 margaritas.

Tequila’s Restaurant
1602 Locust Street