Chickie’s and Pete’s

The Nachojawn family fueled up before a Phillies game at the Chickie’s and Pete’s on Packer Ave. We went for the Buffalo Chicken Nachos, mostly because they were highlighted on the menu as a house specialty. Must be a recipe from the old country.

C7E80271-63C6-4A7F-8E42-EB7EADF157ECI’m going to turn the review over to Mrs. Nachojawn for a minute here:

I thought they were a decent variation on nachos. The chicken was buffalo chicken steak, with some ranch dressing, bleu cheese and celery. I could have maybe gone with a little less ranch and some cheese on top, but these were a solid pregame bite.

Buffalo Chicken Nachos – $10.95

3.85/5 pickled jalapenos – Eat these with some crab fries and hope that your waitress is getting all her tips

Bonus shot of Little Miss Nachojawn with the obligatory crab fries.


Chickie’s and Petes
1526 Packer Avenue


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