12th Street Cantina

Nachojawn’s office is close to the Reading Terminal Market, so I’m in there at least a couple of times a week for lunch. The fact that I haven’t reviewed these nachos yet should be an indication of where the review is going.


Now, the only thing that was interesting about these guys was the option to get chicken mole as a topping. I’m a sucker for mole, which comes in a million different variations. The most popular is mole poblano, which has about 20 different ingredients, including chili peppers and chocolate, and which I could never ever make myself. This is the poor man’s version of that.

Aside from the decent chicken, we have chips right out of the bag, pico de gallo, sour cream, cilantro, guacamole, pickled jalapeños and shredded cheese that I watched them microwave right in front of me. Hard pass on getting these again.

2.51/5 pickled jalapeños – Reading Terminal needs an authentic taqueria

12th Street Cantina
Reading Terminal Market
12th and Filbert Streets

Chicken Mole Nachos Supreme – $10.50


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