Guest Post – El Rey

Hey NachoJawn readers. This is El Loco Dentista bringing the heat with a guest nacho review.


The nachos in question are El Rey’s. El Rey only offers one type of Nachos on the menu, but when your Nachos are this spot on, there’s no need for other options.

Anyway, they line a round, metal pizza tray with one, and in some places, two layers of homemade tortilla chips. On top of the excellent chips, they add chihuahua cheese, black beans, pickled jalapeños and chorizo. Lots of chorizo. I mean, if you want chorizo on each and every one of your cheese laden chips, you can do it. The plate gets topped with a refreshingly spiced habanero mint salsa and some sour cream and then is baked to melted cheesy perfection.

These are some great nachos. With the copious toppings evenly distributed on the chips, it makes for an excellent eating experience.

4.8/5 Pickled Jalapeños. Do it.


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