Los Gallos

The last time the Nachojawn family tried to eat at Los Gallos, it was Mother’s Day. Los Gallos was packed and I think Mrs. Nachojawn ended up eating a yogurt from Wawa while watching Nachojawn Jr.’s Little League game. Not my finest hour.


Deep in the heart of South Philly, Mrs. Nachojawn and I had an early weekday lunch here, and ordered up the Nachos Texanos con bistec.


Those are some big peppers! The avocado and peppers didn’t get cooked with the rest of the dish, making that first bite a little weird – kind of when you’re expecting hot soup and it’s not. Cook those peppers Los Gallos! And while Mrs. Nachojawn likes the lechuga, I think it’s a waste and sullies up a plate of nachos. Good use of refritos though.


Los Gallos has been on my nacho wish list for a while, and these were pretty good, but maybe my expectations were too high. They were good, but nowhere close to in the running for the coveted Nachojawn title belt.

3.96/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these and go get a doughnut at Frangelli’s Bakery.

Nachos Texanos – $9.99
951 Wolf Street


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