Guest Review – Landmark Americana

El Jefe de Nachos returns to Nachojawn’s pages after his previous review of Bainbridge Street Barrel House. Joined by friend La Ragin’ Cajun, the pair hit up happy hour up by Drexel. I’ll give them the floor – and remember, all opinions that follow are those of the guest reviewers, and them only:

Did you know that the average sodium intake for a 25 year old person is 2100 mg? Imagine that times 2 and you have Landmark’s nachos. Pair that with a beer though, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good happy hour.

The perfect amount of cheese and jalapeños counterbalances the sour pico de gallo that’s piled on top, and if you add chicken it’s a solid 4 1/2 out of 5 on the pickled jalapeño chart.

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