Guest Review – Bainbridge Street Barrel House

Nachojawn is happy to give a platform to anyone who appreciates nachos. With that said, here is the debut review from Señor Nacho y El Jefe de Nachos:

After a long day of moving, food was a must. Luckily for us, our new neighborhood has better food options and room for activities (and Nachojawn reviews)! Our first target was our closest beer serving neighbor, Bainbridge Street Barrel House. (Side note: go try the bacon beer—the best and worst beer of all time.) Because Little Miss Nachojawn wouldn’t let us live it down, we were obligated to get the Burachos Nachos with grilled chicken for much needed protein.


The dish was perfectly portioned as a starter, not too heavy and left plenty of room for the rest of our meals. However, there was too much sour cream (said no one before my co-author) and not enough melted cheddar cheese. In fact, we didn’t even realize that there was any melted cheddar cheese until we got through some of the sour cream and could see it sitting at the bottom of the plate.

Drum roll … good ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ nachos, but the Barrel House will be reserved for my beer and quizzo.

3.55/5 pickled jalapeños

Señor Nacho y El Jefe de Nachos

Bainbridge Street Barrel House
625–27 S. 6th Street


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