SpOt Burger – No Nacho Content

Another place that’s made the leap from truck to bricks and mortar is the fantastic SpOt Burger.


One night when Mrs. Nachojawn was out, I took Little Miss Nachojawn and Nachojawn, Jr. out for some burgers. I had to go with the Charlie Brown, my favorite since owner Josh Kim was posting up outside 33rd and Arch. Whiz, bacon, and fried onions, paired with a can of Underwood pinot noir.


LMN got a cheeseburger and pineapple soda, and Nachojawn, Jr. loaded up his burger.


Seating is tight in there, but the burgers are great. One of these days I’ll try the cheesesteak, which draws raves from FON’s El Loco Dentista and Craig LaBan

SpOt Burger
2821 W. Girard Avenue


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