Tommy DiNic’s

It’s a blessing and a curse to work directly across from Reading Terminal Market. A blessing because of the plethora of lunch options, deli, produce, butcher, cheese, coffee, cookie etc.

A curse because I really, really like to eat.

Dinic’s roast pork sandwich has been named the best sandwich in America. How does it measure up in Nachojawn’s eyes?


I like my sandwich with roasted long hots. Others go for the broccoil rabe and/or provelone.


Dinic’s is always home to one of the longer lines in the terminal. Maybe second next to the Thai, whose salmon special is crazy popular.


The menu used to be a choice of roast beef or roast pork. The new selections are great too.

Best sandwich in America? It might not even be the best sandwich in Philly, or in Reading Terminal. But that’s only because we are blessed to live in the greatest city in the world. It’s a really good sandwich.


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