Rooster Soup Company

I thought I had written this one up before, but when I wrote my Goldie review and tried to link to it, nothing came up.

So here’s a few-months late quick write-up on Rooster Soup Company, Cook & Solo’s venture where all profits go to charity.


The chicken soup is made from the leftover Federal Donuts chicken parts. The matzo ball soup is smoked and a nice Southern version of the best soup varietal.


Does Nachojawn enjoy patty melts? Yes. This one comes on challah with an “everything spice sauce”, which is modeled off the everything bagel. You’ll be picking poppy seeds out of your teeth. It’s amazing.


Don’t worry, I didn’t eat all of this food in one day. It’s the Yemenite Pot Pie. AND ALSO DELICIOUS.

Rooster Soup Company
1625 Sansom Street



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