El Compadre

El Compadre is not just your run of the mill taqueria. It opened late last year with Isaias Berriozabal-Martinez at the helm, the son of Philly Barbacoa’s owner and chef Cristina Martínez.

Isaias passed away unexpectedly in January, but his restaurant remains, and it is serving up some great food.

The menu is short and sweet.

Nachos al pastor – the cheese was a little funkier than your classic Mexican blend. Otherwise these were a nice take on the dish but the best was yet to come.

The salsa dish was great, with a spicy verde and the pickled jalapeños brightening up the tacos.

Tacos al pastor.

Chicken tinga taco – the consensus favorite 

Taco campechano (steak and chorizo)

The homemade tortillas are awesome, and my cucumber agua fresca was refreshing after a day on the baseball field.

Al pastor nachos – 3.35/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these with family and come back for the tortas for lunch.


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