Mexican Mariachi Grill – Ewing, NJ

Following Nachojawn Jr’s soccer tournament, I drove him and his buddy over to the closest Mexican with a decent review. It’s always dicey out in uncharted waters. How did we do?

We pulled into the strip mall, next to a liquor store and a tattoo shop. So far, so good.

Strip mall dining at its finest.

I made good use of that liquor store two doors down. The place offered serve your own chips, along with salsa verde, a mild rojo, and “volcano salsa”. None of them were very hot, but the verde was good.

Nachojawn Jr. went with the steak tacos and gave them a thumbs up. Pretty solid plate of food.

Here are the fish tacos for Junior’s buddy on the Palumbo soccer team.

I ordered a lot of food for myself. I think there’s a chicken tostada under there.

And here’s a pork burrito and hard shell taco.

And of course, the nachos. Weakest part was actually the chips, but I’m a sucker for a well-seasoned ground beef. Everyone ate well after a couple of games at the Yardley Makefield Columbus Day tournament.

3.85/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these in the suburbs after you show those soft kids how South Philly soccer is played.

Mexican Mariachi Grill
1507 Parkway Avenue
Ewing, NJ


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