Restorante Nicos – Mexico City

A bit off the beaten path, on the corner of a row of stores is Restorante Nicos, Eater’s best restaurant in the city.

Our first day in Mexico City we took an Uber for our lunch reservation.

Your first impression at every restaurant in Mexico is from their salsas. Nicos had a nice chipotle salsa to go with the their verde.

Tableside guacamole presentationHot take alert – for the most part the chips in Mexico are inferior to USA chips.

Mezcalita and a pink peppercorn Paloma for Mrs. Nachojawn.

Chicken in mole verde and camarones in ajillo sauce


One thought on “Restorante Nicos – Mexico City

  1. Sounds delicious.

    FYI, your autocorrect changed “Mexico are” to “Medicare”

    And your fans want to know what’s going on in the final photo / dessert course.

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