Iron Hill Brewery – Wilmington

Sometimes the NachoJawn family meets up in Wilimington, as it’s a mid-point between my parents and me. Actually, Elkton, MD is more of a mid-point, but since there’s only a Waffle House there, and I’m usually with NachoJawn Jr., they’ll drive the extra half hour.

So the other weekend we met up at Iron Hill Brewery. Despite their proliferation in the area, this was the first time I checked one out.

IMG_0790These are the house nachos, boasting pico de gallo, black beans, fresh jalapeños, green onion, sour cream, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses. The top plate, as I was warned, was extremely hot. Pretty decent effort by Iron Hill. It’s not tomato season, as evidenced by the pinkish tomato but good effort on the fresh pico de gallo. Similarly, nothing fancy with the cheese blend, but it was melted well.

3.8/5 picked jalapeños – Eat these with three generations of your family when you’re looking for a place close to I-95

House Nachos – $9.95 small / $12.95 large

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
620 Justison Street


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