Café Ynez

I was out by myself one morning and popped into Café Ynez, where I’ve picked up some pretty good rotisserie chicken for dinner on a couple of occasions. A quiet moment to myself isn’t to be wasted, so I immediately ordered these guys:

Breakfast Nachos with chorizo

Breakfast Nachos with chorizo

These are some good nachos. Crack that yolk and let it run all over. The chips are topped with guajillo salsa, refried beans, Oaxaca cheese, pickled jalapeño, sour cream, and of course that beautiful looking egg. Because I like to eat, I asked for some chorizo as well. There was nothing left when I was done.

4.6/5 picked jalapeños – Eat these when you’ve already gone to the gym in the morning

Café Ynez
2025 Washington Avenue

Breakfast Nachos – $7.00 +$3 for chorizo


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