Draught Horse

Templetown’s first entrant are these bar nachos from the Draught Horse, right around the corner from the Liacouris Center. My son got to rep Taney Basketball on the court pre-game, and then we joined friends for some grub and to watch the Owls take care of business against Houston. First things first, we took care of this business:

Draught HorseLook, these are bar nachos, but better than I was expecting. Chips, pulled chicken pico de gallo, black beans,
cilantro sour cream and “cheddar jack cheese sauce” that I’m pretty sure was your standard nacho cheese. All of it came from a can or a bag, but the chicken was tender, the ratios were good, and I was hungry, so these worked for me.

3.9/5 pickled jalapeños – will fill you up before a game

Draught Horse
1431 Cecil B. Moore Avenue

House Made Chicken Nachos – $11.49


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