Lolita – Revisited

On a balmy December night, Los Entrenadores Campeones joined the Nachojawns for a dinner out at Lolita. Lolita has been reviewed previously, and Los Entrenadores are in the nacho appreciator club as well, so we weren’t dealing with first-timers here.


Presentation of the dinner nachos was not quite up to the same dish at lunch time:


Lolita Chicken Nachos

Breaking away from the single layer, the dinner nachos bumped up the radish count significantly. As a refresher, the menu advertises achiote roasted chicken, black beans, queso mixta, charred corn, fresno chiles, avocado, and crema. I didn’t see a lot (or any) corn or chiles.

They were tasty enough though – I’d imagine the fact that people were sitting out on the sidewalk in the middle of December had something to do with the quality of presentation. Still, with El Vez’s nachos taking a dive in my estimation, is there room for a new king of nachos to pop up on 13th Street?

3.98/5 pickled jalapenos – Eat these before hitting the pop-up tiki bar

Yucatan Chicken nachos – $13 at dinner


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