So I had these nachos at a working lunch. Lolita, one of the first restaurants on the 13th street corridor clocks in with this solid entrant into nachodom.

Lolita Chicken Nachos

Lolita Chicken Nachos

These bad boys have got achiote roasted chicken, charred corn, fresno chiles, guacamole, and a queso blend going on. I’m not sure what the need is for places to put radishes on their nachos, but it’s a popular add-on that I could do without.

The flatbread look means that you’re getting a solid chip/topping ratio without the naked limp chips that you sometimes find in the middle of a nacho pile. It’s a good execution, but not the most voluminous plate of nachos you’ll find. Also, spread that avocado out – the soft serve look is a little off-putting.

4.3/5 pickled jalapeños – Eat these at a business lunch with a cucumber jalapeño margarita.

106 S. 13th Street

Yucatán Chicken Nachos – $12


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